Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long Overdue Event Update Saves Local Website

I hope Mr G.S is happy now. I was sorting through some offline webpages for Burgess Hill Uncovered and discovered that I had an unfinished report on the 2008 Summer Festival Parade. I spent 10 minutes trying to think of some novel comments for the photos and uploaded the page. Hopefully this will mean that Mr G.S gives me another six months grace before he again suggests that BHU ceases to exist.

This blog entry needs padding out, it's a bit too short for my liking. So here's a treat for you. It's a photo I randomly took in St Johns Park some years ago. It features a woman that likes to accessorise with the colour yellow.

If you'd like to appear on the blog, all you have to do is walk through St Johns Park with some striking fashion choices. Our camera hidden in the statue of stability will do the rest.