Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stupid Girl Electrocuted at Burgess Hill Train Station

Congratulations to the silly 16-year-old girl who burnt her arm whilst stupidly crossing the train tracks at Burgess Hill train station on Friday 30th January.
This young lady evidently doesn't take notice of local news, if she did, then surely she wouldn't have been stupid enough to cross the lines?

Tragically Hurspierpoint College student Sam Griffiths died when he crossed the same train lines during the early hours of new years day.

So why would this girl have been stupid enough to risk her own life for the entertaiment of others? The answer is ALCOHOL.

Thankfully the police arrested the drunken girl and her other intoxicated friends.
Two of them were due to appear at the Mid Sussex Youth Court having been charged for being drunken and disorderly.

I think a suitable punishment would be to keep electrocuting these youths until they learn that fooling around on the train tracks is not a good idea.
More than likely they'll be told to go and play bridge at the local age concern for 20 hours as a punishment.

The youth of today, they make us all so proud.


Anonymous said...

fucking idiots, i was there on new years when that happened to my best friend
its not alcohol its lack of knowledge we have been provided with on the whole thing

Anonymous said...

quite interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Jaz said...

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