Saturday, December 11, 2010

Burgess Hill Christmas Event In False Cancellation Farce

The Citizen newspaper arrived at the Burgess Hill Uncovered offices on Thursday morning.
Imagine my shock and surprise dear reader when I saw some pictures taken in Burgess Hill of some people looking rather festive. In fact, they were taken from the Town's Christmas thingy.

Nothing strange about that you may be thinking...... However. Last Thursday (2nd December) I read on a local website that due to the snow, the Christmas Fair was being cancelled and was going to be rearranged for today (Sat 11th December)

I'm rather annoyed about the very false information that was written, as it robbed me of a good piece of content for the website. Annoyingly I can't remember which website incorrectly reported the event cancellation, I fear that it was the official Town Council Website actually.
Does anyone want to own up?

This blog entry is also for the benefit of Mr G.S. It will save him emailing me to moan that I've once again missed out covering a local event