Friday, March 30, 2012

Burgess Hill Audio Blogging - On A Bike!

Hello Readers

In this blog entry I'd like to share with you something quite awesome that was recorded by a Burgess Hill lady of whom I am currently stalking on Twitter. Her name is Patricia Rykiel, or @ComputerTweety for those of you already on the microblogging website.

Anyway, @ComputerTweety also uses a service called audioboo and decided to record a trip to Burgess Hill Town centre where she needed to pick up some bits from Waitrose. What made the recording even more novel was for the fact she was doing it whilst riding a bike (Women and their multi-tasking!)

Using a bit of magic I can embed her recording right onto the blog page, it should appear below, have a listen.

Bike Boo, Popping to the Shops in Burgess Hill, UK (mp3)

A bit of a random thing to be sharing with you, but that's the sort of stuff you come across on Twitter. Don't forget, Burgess Hill Uncovered are on Twitter. Follow the account @burgesshillnews you'll find the best Burgess Hill Tweets retweeted by the account and some original ones too. A nice community of Burgess Hill locals is growing steadily. Soon enough there will be enough of us to take over the town.

That is all for now, more updates over the weekend, thats a promise!


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